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Who We Are is a European company with 5-year experience in checking texts for duplications and struggling with plagiarism to enhance the quality of education in academia.

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Focused on improving technologies to determine the originality of academic writings, we develop sophisticated algorithms detecting hidden plagiarism in student works.
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Our Product scans all types of academic papers to disclose duplications in student's writing assignments. In particular:

Exact matches in word order

Rearrangements in word order and sentence structure

Poor paraphrase and synonymization

Hidden symbols such as Latin for Cyrillic replacement

We are proud to be partners with

University of Zambia
School of Medicine
Filadelfia Bible College
Diocesan School for Girls
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Nile University
School of Business
Telangana Univesity
Amal Jyothi
College of Engineering
Institute of Brunei
Technical Education
Birla Institute of
Management Technology
Olympia College Ipoh
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I was checking an obviously plagiarised essay a couple of days ago, but I could not prove it. My colleague advised me to use it shows the plagiarised fragments of text, and displays the sources from which these fragments have been retrieved. Nice!
Thank you a lot for this plagiarism checker. I am a teacher of English living in the Philippines, and your software helps me check the papers my students write.
One of the biggest problems in the academic environment is that unscrupulous students often plagiarise, knowing that no plagiarism checker can detect masked plagiarism. Well, except it can see through the tricks such students use. As a teacher, I am happy!
Hi, First of all, I would like to thank you all for this wonderful website. It literally saves me, especially when I need to check my students’ essays. I cannot imagine how I would check all the sources myself! I have shared on my Facebook page, so that all my colleagues know what service to use. Regards, Sher Abbas.

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multiple accounts and access our cloud-based software from anywhere.


papers through all known open international resources over the Web, add your depository.


all kinds of plagiarism: direct matches, word rearrangements, synonymizations, improper paraphrasing, substitution Latin to Cyrillic symbols.


accurately cited and referenced parts marked in other colours.


the service without fear because it does not expire until you use all the pages.

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We ran 910 articles through the plagiarism control tool and found some examples that articles and other articles published in the Psychology magazine overlap with texts written by others.
Norwegian Association of
Most educators resort to some sort of automated help. I’ve tried quite a few but a new one that I’m having a lot of success with is called It’s an online tool that analyzes submittals using a sophisticated algorithm and provides a report on how likely it is that the document includes plagiarism.
Tech Ed Teachers Group is everything that you can expect from a plagiarism checking tool. It helps you determine whether a piece of content is copied or not. It’s a no-frills tool that gets the job done, plain and simple.
Professional Web Writers is one of the best plagiarism checkers, reputable and built on advanced algorithms. Perfect for students and educators, it helps to protect academics as well as other types of writings from duplications and copyright violation.
SEO Specialists is ranked #1 on our plagiarism checkers list.
Voters at Ranker aims to help us detect duplications of content on the network. The best of all is that this tool offers efficient results with a user-friendly operating mode.
App Developers (Nerdilandia)

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